Washington, D.C. is one of the most important communications centers in the world. It is a city of global consequence that offers incomparable opportunities for Media and Communication Studies students. 

Observe first-hand the ways that media and communications here in the nation's capital shape the political life of the country and the world. Sharpen your skills as a media critic in a city where local, national, and international communicators use media to advance divergent perspectives. Develop your own capacity to create effective media in the unique cultural context of Washington, D.C., where history is both preserved and made on a daily basis.

Internship opportunities abound in Washington. Government agencies, media companies, think tanks, lobbyists, and other institutions give our students hands-on learning opportunities that are available nowhere else. Washington also serves as an extended classroom. The Library of Congress is a magnificent resource. The National Gallery of Art is a world-class cultural treasure. The various history museums — Natural History, American History, African American History and Culture, Native American History, and others — contain rich examples of historical media.  The Newseum offers an immersion in media whose exhibits display some of the most influential journalism produced in the United States. 

In addition to academic and professional opportunities, Washington, D.C., offers cultural, entertainment, and artistic experiences. From performances at the Folger Shakespeare Library to exhibits at the Smithsonian museums to ballgames at Nationals Park, our D.C. location is alive with exciting and enriching possibilities.

Easy access to all of these resources begins at the D.C. Metro station across the street from our campus.


students walking in front of Lincoln memorial

The Heart of Washington, D.C.

Studying in Washington, D.C., has numerous advantages for students of all disciplines.

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