Minor in Media Studies

The minor in Media Studies consists of six total courses:

Mandatory (2 courses):

MDIA 201 (Introduction to Media Studies)

MDIA 202 (Media and History)

*HSCT101 and 102 may substitute for MDIA 201 and 202.

Elective Options:

4 additional MDIA course

Cognate cross-listed courses count towards the minor, for example:

ENG 430 for MDIA 301

ENG 524 for MDIA 424

but interdisciplinary courses available as major electives (such as PHIL331) may not be credited towards the minor.


Minor in Rhetoric and Writing

The minor in Rhetoric and Writing is an interdisciplinary program consisting of six total courses:


MDIA 301/ENG 430 (Media and Rhetoric)

Two Advanced Writing Courses (select from below):

ENG 301  or  ENG 302 (not both)

ENG 326 (Workshop: Writing Improvement)

ENG 327 (Argumentative Writing)

MDIA 330 (Introduction to Journalism)

Elective Options (3 additional courses):

PHIL 301, 313, 315;

ENG 324, 419;

MDIA 333, 335, 336, 339, 394, 419, 424, 430