"R+J" by Migi Fabara
Based on William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, two star-crossed lovers find themselves in a complicated situation in 1969 during a time of war.


"The Narrow Gate" by Caroline Firriolo
Not achieving the results they work so hard for, these college athletes reflect on why they still choose to play the game.

"Amil" by Mohammed Almujel
A Saudi student comes to the US for college and falls ill. He makes a friend in a fellow patient who changes his life.


"Spotify Killed the Radio Star"
By Liz Hoffman
This essay-style documentary examines the interaction of college radio with live music and online music streaming culture through the lens of University of Maryland radio station WMUC (10:12).
"Sky is the Limit"
By Seba Alluqmani
The story of a Saudi girl who bravely leaves her family to pursue her dreams and education in America (14:24).
"The Chesapeake Bay Story"

By T.J. Cooney
A short documentary about how pollution in the Chesapeake Bay is forcing the crabbing industry into extinction (13:35).