A Saudi student comes to the US for college and falls ill. He makes a friend in a fellow patient who changes his life.


"I Do, I Did"
A serial killer goes on a murder spree, killing all the groomsmen the night before a wedding.

"Call Me Brother"
In a world of Church scandal, one brother is determined to make the best of his vocational calling.


By Eman Alghamdi
A film that explores the importance of the dish Kabsah in Saudi culture and the relationship between food and illness (10:10).
"Spotify Killed the Radio Star"
By Liz Hoffman
This essay-style documentary examines the interaction of college radio with live music and online music streaming culture through the lens of University of Maryland radio station WMUC (10:12).

"Ally's Story"
By Alycia Monaco
Ally is a politically and socially engaged college student who works against the stigma surrounding living with a disability by pursuing her passions and advocating for others (10:46). 


"Sky is the Limit"
By Seba Alluqmani
The story of a Saudi girl who bravely leaves her family to pursue her dreams and education in America (14:24).
"The Chesapeake Bay Story"

By T.J. Cooney
A short documentary about how pollution in the Chesapeake Bay is forcing the crabbing industry into extinction (13:35).