Jamilah Johnson
Throughout my consulting career so far, having a video production background with CUA has always been something that has set me apart from the more traditional consultants who have backgrounds in business, cybersecurity, finance, and the like. It has always gained the interest from prospective employers and current clients who appreciate my variety in experience!

Reflections on CUA Media Studies

What I loved about the Media Studies courses at CUA is that they take you through the history of media ("The medium is the message") all the way up to the current age of media. Throughout this history, one learns how media has impacted people in societies from sociological, philosophical, psychological and economic perspectives. The student then can make a decision by their junior year of what media track they'd like to specialize in: Video Production? Journalism? Social Media? Education? This is where the media studies professors can be integral in helping students 1-on-1 on figuring out what their strong suits are that can cultivate their development and success in time for graduation.